Fix Windows Errors
& Maximize PC Performance
Windows Clear is an advanced system utility designed to clear Windows errors and boost the maximum performance of home PCs. Poor system performance is determined by a lot of things. That is why WindowsClear was engineered with multi-function capabilities.

WindowsClear has the vital tools that you need to regain system performance, clean junk files, free up virtual memory and boost startup speed within 3 minutes or less.
Boost System Startup
Clean Junk Files & Fix Windows Errors
Protect Private Data
Increase Virtual Memory & more
Compatible with Microsoft
Win 7 / Vista / XP /2003 / 2K / 98

Speedup System Boot
Manage system startup programs to boost up system boot time. Optimize your system with 1 click maintenance.

Free up Virtual Memory
Remove unnecessary data in your PC's memory to speed up system performance and prevent crashing and freezing.

Clean Junk Files
Scan and remove system clutter in your computer's disk and memory to free up disk space and prevent slowdown.

Protect Private Data
Remove computer activity logs and browser history to protect your private data like bank account, passwords and more.

Microsoft updates
Manage your MS updates with 1 click. Protect your computer from viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Java & Adobe updates
Update Java, Adobe, WinRAR, WMPlayer, Skype and other applications to improve your computer experience.


Use WindowsClear to fix common computer problems that cause poor system performance. And what's more its 30 built-in features let you fix Windows errors and maximize PC performance with one click.

WindowsClear is an easy-to-use and simple program that can scan and repair multi-type of system problems. All common system problems will be fixed in an effective and efficient way.

WindowsClear™ will automatically speed up, clean up and tune up your computer system. With it you can…
Fix slow system performance
Update Microsoft operating system
Update Java, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Media Player
Update Windows 7, XP and Vista
Repair media and script errors
Repair hardware malfunctions
Prevent system freezing and crashing
Boost up system boot time
Block Trojans & viruses
Fix blue screen and deadlock
Correct runtime and startup errors
Fix Windows installer and system32 errors
Fix ActiveX and browser plug-in errors
Increase virtual memory
Protect private data
Clean invalid system errors
Fix Vista, XP, 7, 2000 issues
Regain disk space and prevent slowdown
Remove duplicate files and invalid shortcuts
Repair broken shortcuts and file association
Block malicious ActiveX
Remove spyware and malware
Load Windows faster
Defrag disk and system
Restore system
Backup important files and drivers
Speed up Internet Explorer
Permanently delete unwanted files
Manage system startup programs
Automatic and manual removal
Run application faster
Fix no sound problem
Fix Vista error
Optimize and speed up PC
Fix software freezing issue
Clean PC errors
Update and backup drivers
Fix Norton Security issue
About WindowsClear™
Current Version: 5.2
File Size: 5.46 MB
Operating System: Windows 7 / XP / Vista / 2003 / 2000 / 98 / ME / NT
Release Date: April 14, 2010
Protection: Fix Windows errors and maximize PC performance
Special Price: $39.95
Fix slow PC performance
Update Microsoft Windows
Update Java & Adobe Reader
Fix system errors
Speed up system startup
Boost up system boot time
Repair deadlock and blue screen
Free up disk space
Increase virtual memory
Prevent system slowdown
Fix runtime and startup errors
Correct DLL and IE errors
Remove duplicate files
Block spyware and malware
Defrag disk and Windows system
Protect private date
Restore corrupted system
IE Restore
Clean invalid shortcuts
Fix broken file association
Block malicious ActiveX
Speed up internet explorer
Backup system
Backup drivers
Automatic & manual removal

A great software program, my desktop was the most difficult but is now much faster, got rid of a lot of junk and put other files/folders in their correct place. Most important, I can manage the startup programs with it. Now my computer starts up much faster. I think it is the most easy-to-use program that I ever had. I don't have to worry about my computer from now on. It is really a good program. Thank You for all of your help.


WindowsClear has been a perfect solution to my computer problems. Thank you so much. I was having issues with the burning option with my Media Player and I could not reload the program because of Windows Database problems. After I corrected the Windows Database issues I was able to reload the media player and burn music CD's. My computer now works perfect and much faster than before!!! I love your product.


All went well and software is functioning great! Not only my problem is solved, but also my computer runs much faster. I see there is a function that can create a restore point. I am really in need of it. It is really a saver of my computer. Many junk things are removed only in several seconds. I am a computer illiterate, but I don't feel it is difficult to use at all. Really a convenient program! Worked great! Thanks for the help.


Fix Windows Errors & Maximize PC Performance
WindowsClear fix the most common PC problems and boost its performance with 1 mouse click.
Are you tried of…
* Slow PC performance
* PC freezing, crashing or slowdowns
* Slow system bootup
* Annoying error messages
Fix your PC problems with one click.
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